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I believe that the best bike fit is done dynamically.   When you are on the bike, riding as if you would be riding, I can watch to see how you are riding on the bike.  A basic bike fit gives you an average fit on the bike, but does nothing to help you with your pedal stroke.  My belief is that a bike fit should entail all aspects of riding.  Not just fitting you to your bike, but helping you become the most efficient rider that you can be.  If you can increase your efficiency, you will finish your rides faster, and more refreshed.  For this reason, we use Spin Scan by Racer Mate.  This enables us to hook YOUR BIKE up to a computer that will analyze your pedal stroke and fit.  It will draw a graphic representation of your pedal stroke on a TV monitor that you can see, and manipulate by changing your pedal stroke.  Then we can do a dynamic fit, and determine how those changes ACTUALLY affect your efficiency.

For more information go to this link from the manufacturer of Spin Scan:

Just because a static bike fit is done, that does not mean that this fit is right for you.  A static bike fit generally puts you in an average location, but does not account for differences in flexibility, surgeries, differences in leg length, fused vertebrae, or any other anomaly.  By using the computerized Spin Scan, we can see how each change helps or hinders your fit and pedal stroke.  Then if a change turns out to hurt your efficiency, we can always return to the original location.

So, a Spin Scan Bike Fit will taylor your bike to you and your riding style. It will take into account everything about you, and make you the best rider that you can be.

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A bike fit done with the Spin Scan costs $70.00 per fit, and takes around 1 hour to complete.

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