Hello all.  As of today, 11/15/2011 we have snow.  The snow level is at about 7000 ft.  Most trails above this mark are closed for the winter.  Right now the local trails out of Reno, Nevada are open.  Dry Pond trail in South Reno does have some snow over the top of Dry Pond, but it is passable.  Tyrolean DownHill off Mt. Rose Summit is still open with some snow near the top.  In South Lake Tahoe, Sidewinder is still open.  Most trails out of Truckee, Ca. are under snow and done for the year.

This report may change as we are expecting snow this weekend.

Remember, this is a fantastic time to get your bike serviced.

Also remember that Great Basin Bicycles has CompuTrainer classes upstairs all winter long.  This is a fantastic way to stay fit, keep the holiday calories down, and come out of the gate flying next spring.  Classes are an inexpensive $10.00 per class.  Go to the “calendar” tab at the top of the home page to see the CompuTrainer schedule.

If you have a group that wants to come in and do CoumpTrainer Classes as a group during the day, let me know and we can see if we can find a time where you and your friends can ride as a group.

Lastly,  this is also a fantastic time to do a comprehensive bike fit.  The cost is $60.00, but we do a dynamic bike fit using SpinScan technology from Racer Mate.  We put your bike on a load generator bike stand, and the computer will analyze your pedal stroke 360 degrees around both legs.  This enables me to tell you your pedal efficiency, wattage power output, and what muscle groups you are using, or not using.  The bike fit is done by observing your numbers, and making adjustments to see how your numbers are affected.  So, we fit the bike specifically to you and your efficiency.  This is one of the best things you can do for your cycling.  Give Great Basin Bicycles a call to schedule your appointment today.  775-825-8258.  Or just call or stop by for more information.